The first plans for developing a Doomernik Dragon were laid in 1994. In 1996, the actual development of this unique Dragon class yacht began. After accurately measuring and documenting existing Dragons, slowly but surely the dream became reality. Nothing was spared to develop the most rigid, most beautiful and fastest Dragon in the world.


For over seventy years, the Dragon has been a symbol of performance, competitiveness, timeless elegance and unmistakable classical beauty. The tradition is reborn with Doomernik Dragon. Doomernik Dragons is responsible for a complete new design of a Dragon class yacht. Within the framework of the demands, standards and regulations imposed on the Dragon class, we have developed a Dragon that distinguishes itself in terms of quality, speed, compactness, safety and sailing comfort. The combination of advanced computer technology, top nautical architects and professional boat builders results in more than a perfect, innovative Dragon design.

Building a Doomernik Dragon is a unique story. It begins with the hull. Great attention is paid to the hull, which is laminated by the highly acclaimed company ‘Beluga Yachting’. To bring the laminate (from High Modulus of England) into the mould, only the best quality resins and gel coats are used. Patience is a virtue here, because a Doomernik Dragon stays in the mould longer than usual. Quality is the primary concern. Through a ‘keel in shoe’ system, the keel is placed in the hull. The result is a highly glossy ‘dry sailing’ bottom.

 In 1999, Doomernik Dragons developed the ‘internal moulding’. This internal is glued into the hull while it is still in the mould. For this, the internal is screwed onto special fitting frames, which fit seamlessly on the ridge of hull mould. The end result is extremely accurate positioning of the internal and, thanks to the earlier completed gluing and laminating of the internal shell, a very rigid hull.

floor to provide space for routing various ‘trim’ functions. Along the entire length of the yacht, cavities along the sides function as ‘stringer’ to stiffen the whole construction. The tube for the spinnaker shute is present along the total length of the foredeck. The tube is made from a thin-walled lightweight polyester tube. This prevents water entering the front compartment, and ensures the spinnaker always slides smoothly in the tube.

The recently developed polyester Doomernik Dragons deck is very ergonomic. The attractive teak frames are fully integrated into the tub walls while the layout is further optimized. The polyester deck is fabricated using a vacuum technique that makes it extremely stiff.

The layout of a Doomernik Dragon is based on many years of experience in maintenance and restoration of Dragons from a variety of different boat builders. For the layout, you can choose between a ‘Doomernik Barney post’ or a more traditional traveller beam. In the Doomernik Barney post, the helmsman can sit further forward to optimally centralize weight in the boat. Through this unique positioning and the form of the trim functions, the Barney post is ideally suited to ‘hiking’. In the standard setup, all-important trim functions can be operated by both the helmsman and the middleman. Of course, all set-ups are possible on request.

The interior of a Doomernik Dragon looks uncluttered and relaxing. This is in part due to the flat floor and also because much tackle is routed under the floor. 

When you sail at the cutting edge of the sport, there are inevitably risks involved. Doomernik Dragons guarantees extremely high quality when carrying out maintenance and repair work on both wood and polyester hulls. With this work, it's truer than ever to say, "prevention is better than cure". Doomernik Dragons is a specialist in the broadest sense of the word. That is true for coating, rigging, hull, deck and fittings. It's also valid for all damage and all types. Within the shortest period, your Dragon is returned to its full glory.