Doomernik Dragons recently introduced the unique 'day-sailor' based on the hull of a competition Dragon. With this touring boat, Doomernik Dragons, the only Dragon builder in the Netherlands, is fulfilling the dream of many touring yachts people.


Whether you are in later life and want to spend your days on inland waters or you are just looking forward to pleasure-filled days of sailing, alone or with the children. Admit it; a sleek Dragon behind the house is something more than just another motor sloop...


Until now, touring was reserved for the wooden Dragon only. Many an enthusiast was reluctant to buy such a vessel mainly because of the intensive upkeep required. Good maintenance-friendly models are scarce as well. For a large group of touring yachts people a Dragon is too expensive and the crisscross of lines is too great. Until now. The launch of the unique 'day-sailor' Dragon from Doomernik Dragons offers a real solution for many touring yachts people.

From the basic model, the boat can be extended as desired with trim options like a spinnaker chute on the foredeck that even allows single-handed spinnakering!

The 'barney post', so specific to Doomernik Dragons, is a mainsheet island in the cockpit along which you can walk forwards on both sides,


making the whole cockpit accessible to the helmsman. What's more, there are all kinds of comfort-enhancing options like a cool box and even an electric motor. Doomernik also supplies all the necessary accessories, like sails, covers and trailers for a potential holiday. 

Practical, comfortable and eye-catching. The basic characteristics of the competition Dragon combined with the specific demands of a touring boat make the 'day-sailor' from Doomernik Dragons an attainable boat for everyone.

This 'day-sailor' construction has the same hull as the competition model and the same wooden deck that gives the boat its vintage look. The layout has been simplified though, guaranteeing straightforward yachting pleasure, even single-handed.