It's always great to see what a single Doomernik Dragon can achieve in a fleet.....

It's always great to see what a single Doomernik Dragon can achieve in a fleet...
Congratulations to Tam and his crew on Zephyr!!


Welcome at our brand new website!
At Doomernik Yachts so much has changed in the past months, and so I felt that it was time to also change the way we present ourselves and our boats. Therefore we developed this brand new website, including a fresh, contemporary logo. What remains unchanged is our ironclad slogan ‘Times change, traditions do not’. According to this philosophy, we keep connecting craftsmanship and innovation in an authentic way. The Doomernik way.

Trend: restoration of wooden Dragons
In the past twelve months five Dragon owners trusted our yard for major restoration work to their wooden boat. That trend appears to sustain where people simply feel great sentiment for the old boats and want to put them back in shape, ready for the next generation. Each time the brief was simply a no compromise ‘best of the best’. Of course there is no real economics in such an approach. It’s often cheaper to order new, but then those owners argue that the boat brought them so much joy that it’s time to give something back. It was that emotion and pure beauty that attracted them to the Dragon in the first place, why discard that first love? Owners become custodians. To them their Dragon is not merely a tool to sail a boat race, it’s a boat they cherish and rightly so! The two A&R and two P&T boats spent months at our yard to receive a new wooden keel, stem, horntimber, sternpost, full underwater replanking, replacing 60+% of the frames. And more! In spring the full restoration of a French BB Dragon was delivered to Arcachon

Other recent yard activities
Apart from the regular and usually urgent quick pre-regatta turn-around repairs, we have an ever growing customer base of sailers who bring their boats to us for maintenance. Last year close to 50 dragons came in for work. Sometimes the brief is just to clean her out and have her ready for the next event. Sometimes it’s tuning or system updates, sometimes it’s replacing the halyards, sheets and trimlines. We arrange and supply new rigs, masts, sails, covers and trailers. Literally anything that needs to be done to your Dragon and if need be on short notice too. With the number of boats passing through our doors we have a well-oiled team to provide the service needed. So you can keep on doing what you enjoy most: Sailing!

Last but not least: the Wally Nano
After almost 25 years of building and restoring only Dragons, we are proud to announce that Doomernik Yachts has been selected as the builder for the Wally Nano. The addition of this boat to our expertise in classic lined yachts is a very exciting development. Our experience in Dragon building will surely lead to a really special new Wally. This sailing yacht has an overall length of 11,37 meters and in many ways it is a boat and design that fits the discerning owners for whom we have been building Dragons in the past years. The Wally Nano Mark II has some original details that were skipped from the first boats, combined with a complete new layout and interior. The boat will have electrical propulsion and standard electrical winches.