The all vinylesther Doomernik Grand Prix

The stiffest Dragon on the market

The vinylesther deck was made to the strict Doomernik standards. In other words: special matting was used to make it strong and smooth and then bolted – yes bolted! -, glued and bonded, to the famous André Hoek designed, extra stiff hull.


Our special “Barney Post” , our thought through hard waring and lining of all functions, our lay-in bottom and special rib under the canopy for extra strain absorption, our unique “Sliding Door” arrangement for the spi tube which is now fully integrated in the deck, are just some eye catching refinements of what one should expect in a modern Dragon.


Seeing is believing but from the above you should be able to discern that this must be a beautiful “thing”. Love for detail and functionality make things beautiful.

All fittings are ducted in the deck, a standard on every Doomernik Dragon. most deck fittings are custom made with welded threads so you do not see the uggly bolts.

You can have our standard layout or have your own ideas come to live in your boat.